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MythTV Frontend Theme Hang

09 November, 2014 | mythtv

I've been using mythtv for years now and love it. However every now and then I run into a issue where one of my my frontend client's themes do not load properly after switching to that theme. After the switch the theme just hangs and never loads the screen. Even restarting the frontent the hang continues.

I have tried removing all the data from the user's home .mythtv directory however this did not resolved the theme hanging issue. As the the theme settings are stored on the backend server database as well.

These are the steps I take to remove the theme data from the database;

Step 1: Logging Into MySQL

Log into the mysql as a user that has permission to make changes to the database. Mythtv's default database is: mythconverg if you setup mythtv using another database you will need to swap mythconverg with your database name.

mysql -u xxxxx -p

Step 2: Use MythTV Database

use mythconverg;

Step 3: Displaying Entities From The Settings Table

The table that holds the frontend theme settings is: settings

This will dump everything in setting so you can see the output.

select * from settings;

This command will only show the settings for the client in questions but you will have to know how the client name that shows up in database. You can ran the command above and then this command as it will give you a cleaner view of your clients settings.

select * from settings WHERE hostname='xxxx';

Output From The Select Command:

| value | data | hostname |
| Theme | TintedGlass | xxxx |

For me the above is my problem child I need to reset TintedGlass to a different theme.

Step 4: Changing MythTV Theme Manually In MySQL

This sql command changes the theme from TintedGlass to Mythbuntu

UPDATE settings SET data = 'Mythbuntu' WHERE hostname = 'xxxx' and value = 'Theme';

After making the sql changes restart the frontend or kill off the mythtv processes to force a reload of mythtv. My frontend comes back up with the default theme and I was able to access the setting menu and set the frontend to a different them.


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