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AWScli Not Able To Validate Credentials

29 October, 2015 | aws

I'm in the middle rolling out salt-cloud in AWS and I see the following error:

AWS Response Status Code and Error: [401 401 Client Error: Unauthorized] {'Errors': {'Error': {'Message': 'AWS was not able to validate the provided access credentials', 'Code': 'AuthFailure'}}

Pretty clear its an authentication issue with the ID and key I have added to salt-cloud to deploy a instance in AWS. I was 100% sure the key pair was correct since I just created in it.

So I move on to testing the key pair with awscli and I got the same error on my desktop as well:

AWS was not able to validate the provided access credentials

After some research to get awscli or salt-cloud to work. The system that the commands are running from most have the time synced corrected. Check this if you know for sure you have a valid key pair.


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